Aleph’s Maze

Can you lead the letter Aleph to the Ethrog? You can only go through the boxes with the letter Aleph. You can move to the next square to the right, left, up or down – but not diagonally.


My Hebrew Dictionary – Aleph

Do you know what a dictionary is? This is a book, with many words. The words are in alphabetical order. Every word that you would like to know its definition – you will find in the dictionary. There are different kinds of dictionaries: ·         A dictionary that explains the words in our language. ·         Bilingual […]


Where’s the Aleph?

You can write an Aleph many different ways, but we always recognize the letter and identify it as an Aleph. Look at these letters but circle only the Alephs!


Let’s write Aleph!

Do you know how to write the letter א? Print this worksheet. Take a pencil and go over the Dashed lines. Fill in the last row with the letter א on your own – without help!