Rabbi Akiva

Rabi Akiva was among the greatest of the Tannaim, the Torah Scholars who were the authors of the Mishnah. Read his very interesting life story.  


The Light of Israel will Never be Put Out

The thunder of war was heard in the North of France. It was the Second World War and within seven weeks German forces had conquered the entire country. The citizens looked at their new rulers in fear. German soldiers marched with their heads raised high and their boots stomping on the ground.  In a house […]


Comic Main Page: The Doctor and the Golden Throne

An illustrated historical story The story you are about to read here is a true story. These are some of the episodes in the life of Rabbi Gershom, a great Jewish leader whose bylaws, regulations and bans changed the way that Jews in many countries lived their lives. They are known as the “Cherem of Rabeinu […]