Do you like board games or card games? With a dreidel or without fun games are awaiting you!

So…let’s play!


Strike a Match

The great matching game for Hanukah! There are several ways to play with these cards. First – prepare the game: Paste those pages on cardboard, and cut out the cards. We recommend that you save the instructions with the cards, for future use. note: in all games, just the top cards are playing in each […]


Dreidels and Fingers!

Preparations: cut out the square around the black line fold the corners in towards the back of the paper along the dotted line. (fig.1) you should now have a smaller square with the four dreidel letters on one side (fig.2) and a white sqaure with a dot in the center on the other side. now, […]


The Dreidel Game

For this game you will need: • a dreidel • a paper and a pen to write down the scores • this printed board game. At each turn the player spins the dreidel around and scores points as followed: If the dreidel lands on the menorah – the player scores 1 point. If the dreidel […]