Hanukkah Riddles

I’m sweet and round,  coming to a boil, in a pot of bubbling oil.                                            I’m fried in oil and very yummy. With sour cream or apple sauce I’ll fill your tummy.   I’m here […]



Every Menorah here has a shadow. Can you tell which shadow belongs to which Menorah? Make a line between them. Attention! Some Menorahs are very similar. It’s confusing!  


What’s on the Other Side?

Every dreidel has four letters on its four sides! We can only see two sides of the dreidel. Can you draw a line from the top row to their correseponding sides on the bottom row?


Hidden Surprises!

Davi and Debbie are so busy playing with their dreidels that they still didn’t find all the hidden surprises in this picture. Can you help them out? Search and find all 16 of them in this picture!