Have you heard of the Maccabees, or Antiochus and all the amazing miracles that happened to our nation in in those days?

Dive into our history or read any of the other stories of Hanukah.


The Story Of My Menorah

The next story is for children who have not yet learned how to read. While the parents read the printed words, they can stop at each picture and point to it. The child, following along, will have fun taking part in “reading” along. On the  sill is theof . Next to it you can see […]


The Story of Hanukkah

Many years ago, the Beit Hamikdash, the Holy Temple, stood in Jerusalem with the Kohanim and the Levi’im. Every day, the Kohen Gadol would light the golden menorah with its seven branches. He would fill it with special pure olive oil. One day the Greek king Antiochus came with his soldiers. He made a new […]


The Light of Israel will Never be Put Out

The thunder of war was heard in the North of France. It was the Second World War and within seven weeks German forces had conquered the entire country. The citizens looked at their new rulers in fear. German soldiers marched with their heads raised high and their boots stomping on the ground.  In a house […]