Yosef Mokir Shabbat

Who hasn’t heard the story of Yosef Mokir Shabbat? (Yosef that cherished the Shabbat). Yosef, a poor man who loved to honor the Shabbat, bought a large fish to serve on Friday night and found a large jewel in its stomach. How did this precious stone find its way into the stomach of that fish? […]



“קודש היא לכם, שבת המלכה” (מתוך הזמירות) “Holy to you is the Shabbat Queen” Shabbat is the center of our life. Our new week begins with sweet memories of the Shabbat that just passed. And, towards the end of each week, we begin getting ready for the Shabbat to come: cleaning, laundry, shopping, cooking and baking. […]


Our Rabbis Helped Get Ready for Shabbat

Rav Chisda said: You should get ready for Shabbat early. And even if you have helpers, you should do some of the preparations yourself to honor Shabbat. In the old days, before they had refrigerators, everything had to be made fresh on Friday. They needed to collect wood for their ovens. And they didn’t even […]


Challahs for Shabbat

Rabbi Chanina ben Dosa was a big tzaddik, a good man, who was very poor. He didn’t even have any flour to bake bread. The sages taught, “Every day a voice calls out from heaven and says: The whole world is fed in the merit of my son, Chanina. And my son, Chanina, can get […]


Rabbi Chanina’s Light

One Friday afternoon close to sunset, Rabbi Chanina ben Dosa saw his daughter looking sad. “What’s the matter?” he asked her. “The bottle of vinegar got mixed up with the bottle of oil,” she said. “And I poured vinegar into the Shabbat lamps! “Don’t worry,” Rabbi Chanina told her. “The One who told the oil […]