Purim – Activities

Dressing up The idea of wearing a costume is appealing and exciting for children. You can make a costume box before Purim and fill it with items that are no longer in use: items of clothing, hats, handbags, boots, jewelry, etc. You will be surprised to discover what new characters were created by the children’s […]


Purim – Learning Ideas

“מִשֶּׁנִּכְנָס אֲדָר מַרְבִּין בְּשִׂמְחָה” “When Adar arrives, we increase our joy” An act performed without joy and enthusiasm can not be compare to an act performed with joy and enthusiasm. How do we express joy? We smile, dance, sing or play music. Our sages say: “Greater is the man who whitens his teeth to his […]


Purim – Classroom Decoration

Purim sign – 5 Posters Here there are 5 beautiful posters for decorating the class for Purim.  In the att. file there are 5 pages for print, each one is the size of an A4 paper. All five pages together make up the word “Purim”. On each page, beside the big letter, there are symbols […]