Family tree (Genealogy)

Do you know what a family tree is? It is a chart of the family lineage in a form of a tree. The trunk represents the parents. The branches grow from the trunk – they represent the children. When the children get married, they add the name of their spouse to their branch. Over the […]


A Beautiful Fruit Plate

Let’s prepare a beautiful plate for fruits, for Tu Bishvat! You will need: Disposable bowl This page, printed Scissors Glue Paste the pieces you cut into a plate according to the illustrations. Happy Tu B’Shevat!


My Tu B’Shvat Treat Box

Glue this page onto a thick piece of construction paper (or insert a piece of heavier paper into your printer and print directly onto it). Cut out the box by following the dark lines. Fold the box along the dotted lines. Follow the example provided. Fill the box with dried fruit, in honor of Tu […]