The Story Of My Menorah

The next story is for children who have not yet learned how to read. While the parents read the printed words, they can stop at each picture and point to it. The child, following along, will have fun taking part in “reading” along.

On the  sill is theof . Next to it you can see a small of  oil.

Next to the bigis a small one. That’s my . I light the small  my bought me. They come in all different colors: , , , , , and . Every evening I choose the for that day. I climb onto a , make the blessings and light my. My holds my little sister in her arms while we light.

I stand and watch my little burn. My also likes to stare into the of my . Do you know why?

Because this was the menorah of my when he was a little

He gave it to my , and he also lit this when he was a little . It was in a faraway country, overseas. immigrated to Israel. He came by, and in his he brought this small .

Now I light the same here, on our sill in !