Purim – Activities

Dressing up

The idea of wearing a costume is appealing and exciting for children.

You can make a costume box before Purim and fill it with items that are no longer in use: items of clothing, hats, handbags, boots, jewelry, etc.

You will be surprised to discover what new characters were created by the children’s imagination with the aid of these objects,!

Through the costumes we can see the child’s hidden desires. Thus he also expresses his dreams and fantasies, as he plays the character he chose. Even the way he talks and walks varies according to disguise!

To what did every child choose to dress up? Is it a figure he is close to (like a parent) or did he create a completely imaginary figure? What does this character represent to him?

This is a great means and an excellent opportunity to learn more about the children.


The Megillah Puppet Show

This is a great way to review the story of the Megillah, as well as a nice gift for every child for Purim!

Print the attached file on thick paper. Have the children cut out the characters. Attach a pop stick to each figure.

Discuss the characters with the children: Who is Ahasuerus? Who is Vashti? Who are Haman and Zeresh? Where are Bigthan and Teresh?

We prepared several figures of Mordecai, according to the development of the plot: Mordecai, Mordecai in sackcloth, and Mordecai on horseback.

There are also two figures of queen Esther: one – before she was taken to the palace of the king, and the other – as queen, in royal garb.

You – the teacher – can tell the story, while lifting up and moving the figures according to the story. You can let the children tell the story in their own words. In the course of a story we will not forget to sing the songs of the Megillah. Another possibility is to write the story, and give each child the page and the characters to bring home.

At home every child can add accessories and backgrounds to his puppet show as he wishes.