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Rabbi Akiva


Rabi Akiva was among the greatest of the Tannaim, the Torah Scholars who were the authors of the Mishnah. Read his very interesting life story.  

Let’s Make Faces!


Rabbi Akiva, who was the teacher and mentor of 24,000 students taught: “וְאָהַבְתָּ לְרֵעֲךָ כָּמוֹךָ” “Love your comrade as you love yourself — this is the primary principle of the Torah” Our hearts are filled with emotion. We need to use our emotions for good; to love our friends, to forgive, to be generous, not to […]


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arrow left downIvy League Educators

Tammy Silver
Pedagogical Counsler

Tammy has been a pre-school teacher for more then two decades. Due to her extensive academic education, accumulated experience and deep insight, she has earned the position of a pedagogical instructor at the Israeli Board of Education. 

Chani Saposh
Author & Illustrator

Chani Saposh has authored and illustrated a variety of reading books and educational booklets that have been incorporated into the framework of the curriculum in schools. She is the creator, author and designer of the popular Hebrew children’s magazine "Itonli". 

Leah Sonnenfeld

Leah has years of teaching experience in various grades in elementary school. She wrote a number of popular children's books in Hebrew, and was in the textbook consulting team of educational meterials for the Board of education in Israel.