Let’s cook for Pesach!

Here you will find great recipes for the young chefs!

These recipes have been excerpted from the Passover children’s cookbook Let My Children Cook! by Tamar Ansh (Judaica Press).     cook3   Tamar Ansh is a widely published author and an internationally-recognized expert on challah; she hosts lectures on the mitzvah of challah, challah workshops for large events, and intimate challah parties for bas mitzvahs, yahrtzeits, tzeddakah events, tour groups, ‘The ninth month’, engagements, & more. Her publications include: A Taste of Challah, a bestseller photographic guide to making your challahs the best they can be, www.aTasteofChallah.com  (and it’s a great wedding present, too!); Splitting the Sea; Let’s Say Amen!, an illustrated children’s book of stories about the holiness of Amen, brachos and more;, Splitting the Sea; Riding the Waves,; and Pesach – Anything’s Possible!, a non gebrochs, gluten free adult cookbook, perfect for Passover and also year round for gluten free kosher diets; and Let My Children Cook! a kids’ cookbook for Passover. Since 2004 Tamar Ansh has mentored Jewish women across the globe to make their challahs the best they can be. Sign up today at www.aTasteofChallah.com for her free newsletter filled with tips about challah (of course!), traditional Jewish food and inspiration for today’s Jewish woman.

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