My Sapling

The next story is for children who have not yet learned how to read. While the parents read the printed words, they can stop at each picture and point to it. The child, following along, will have fun taking part in “reading” along.

Aunt Esti, the sister of my , lives far away. On a farm in the , she has a small surrounded by  and beautiful .

In the summer we went by to visit her. It was a long ride. We were so happy to meet the , our cousins, and play with them! We also helped pick from the and put them in a  .

Before we left, Aunt Esti gave me a sapling in a   filled with . She told me:
Beny, if you water the and take care of it – with G-d’s help the plant will grow to a , and produce !
When we got home, I dug a hole in our backyard with a and planted the . I nurtured my little ; every week I watered it with the . I gathered the dry that were around it. When there was a heavy and the blew, I tied it with a to a pole, so it should not break.
A year passed, and my little grew into a little !
Soon it will have too! Then I will ask and to observe the mitzvah related to this fruit.
It will be wonderful to eat the of my own tree!