Our Weekly Riddles!

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Seasonal riddle

Everyone is busy cleaning the house for Pesach. Take four matches or four toothpicks and build yourselves a small dustpan on your table, and put a crumpled piece of paper in the dustpan, as shown below.
Can you move only two matches, in a way that you will have a whole dustpan, while the ‘dirt’ will be outside of it - all without touching the ‘dirt’?
Good luck!


Torah riddle

During the last month  the Parshah we read  on each Shabbat was about the  Mishkan and its vessels.
Is there any food that is part of the Mishkan ?



Surprise riddle

What do you call

an Egyptian doctor?!




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Seasonal riddle

You had to find something that belong to the Seder night that is in the Megillah of Purim!

The answer is: Karpas!

We eat Karpas on the Seder night. Karpas is also mentioned in  the Megillah of Purim, not as a food, but one of the fabrics Achashverosh used to decorate the ballroom: חוּר כַּרְפַּס וּתְכֵלֶת (1:6)

Torah riddle

The answer:

Here are the 5 consecutive words that start with the same letter in Parashat Beshalach:(16:9)

אָמַר אוֹיֵב אֶרְדֹּף אַשִּׂיג,  אֲחַלֵּק

Surprise riddle

If you take out 6 matches of 15, you only will be left with 9 matches. You needed to think out of the box! As you can see, if you remove this 6 gray matches - you will be left with the word "TEN".

The Israeli version: you will be left with "עשר", which means ten in Hebrew.