Pesach – Activities

Visit to a Matzah bakery

It would be nice to take the kids to a matzah backing place. (Hand Matzah – were the Matzah made by hand).

Here the children will see how the energetic workers are carful of Chametz: how they clean the long rolling pin before each use, how they keep the worktop and tables clean, how they work quickly, and how the baked matzahs come out of the oven.

having a patient and relax guide will enhances the tour.


Cleaning the Classroom for Pesach

Cleaning for Pesach is a lot of work. Sometimes the child feels that he is a bother: “Please don’t come here”, “I have already cleaned it” , “Do not touch it!” – these are statements he does not like to hear. Let us hapily give the kid a shar of the preparations!

We’ll arrange the classroom closet together. While working, we will explain to the children what we are doing. This way they will learn to classify things themselves: What do we keep and what is out of use? Where do we store useful objects? less useful objects? What will we do with what is out of use – will we move it to another place, give it to the needy or throw it away?

We will ask the children to bring cleaning products, and we will vigorously clean the class together, while having cheerful music in the background.

Cleaning time is an excellent opportunity to learn different things. While working, we can discuss the various cleaning modes. Is everything cleaned by water? – No! Shall we put the books in the water to wash them? Of course not! Well, how do we clean them? We can discuss how to clean different items: shoes, windows, furniture, silver objects.

We can ask riddles: What do you brush? dust? sweep? Polish? beat? brush? What do you send for dry cleaning? This is an opportunity to enrich the vocabulary with new words: washing, scrubbing etc.