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Seasonal Ideas & Projects

As the new month approaches, we discuss the upcoming holidays of that month in class. Here are some interesting ideas, perspectives, and topics for different activities related to the subject.

Classroom Decoration

Decorating the classroom refreshes and improves the atmosphere of the classroom. It also helps introduce new topics. Below you will find printable posters related to the topics discussed in class and the upcoming holidays.

Hebrew-Teaching Tips

The Hebrew language is quite different. It is written from right to left, has a completely different vowelazation, ect. Here you will find alternative ideas and symbols to help the students.

Growing through the Parshah

Take out a personal lesson to work on that week from the Parsha. Teach of its value and importance, as well as how to improve on that topic.


This month theme



Learning Ideas



The Teacher's Gallery photo gallery

"A picture is worth a thousand words”- How much can be learned from your own or the classes works of art!

Share pictures and ideas with other teachers.

1. Dartboard in a shape of a dreidel - a wonderfull game for a Hanukkah party!
The Dartboard is made of pieces of carpet, and the ball is wrapped with velkro.
2. A huge menorah decorating the kindergarten wall.
3. Arts and crafts - a menorah made of toilet paper rolls wrapped in aluminum foil.
4. Pitcher, made of egg carton. You can paint and decorate
5. A giant menorah made of the kindergarten big blocks, wrapped in aluminum foil.

New On The Teacher's Corner


The Letter Aleph

The Aleph has a slanted line in the middle and a foot on the left side. On the right is another line, reaching to the upper line in our notebooks. The letters Aleph will stand between the thick two lines – inside the ‘house’. (as explained on the page “Writing in the Lines of a Hebrew Notebook”)....

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Writing in the Lines of a Hebrew Notebook

To learn to write Hebrew, the child must have a notebook with special lines for Hebrew letters. Children often get confused about which lines to write on. You need to explain that the lines are our friends. They are there to help us write. Children often write on the wrong line. It’s important to direct...

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On the Head!

This is fun game is actually a quiz. Print out the cards. Collect stretchy headbands for all the players. Sit in a circle, so everyone sees each other. Each child puts a band on his head and the child next to him picks up a card and sticks it in the front of his band...

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